How Much Does It Cost To Get Governor’s Consent?

Buying Property in Lagos Nigeria? Here are very important things you need to know on how much it would cost you to get a Governor's Consent perfected to your real estate property document. Plus we have put down a brief summary estimate of expected cost depending on value of your real estate property be it Land or built up Houses. Before purchasing any real estate property, for you to be sure...

Dubai Real Estate and Bitcoin

Can I buy Real Estate in Dubai with Bitcoin?

The very big question is asked over. Is Bitcoin accepted in Dubai Real Estate? Can I buy property in Dubai with Bitcoin? Yes; It is possible to buy a property using bitcoin cryptocurrency in Dubai – but not all sellers would accept a digital currency offer, and if they do, they may only take well-known crypto kinds like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You may have heard of the Cryptocurrency...

Dubai Real Estate Post

Dubai Real Estate Trends Explained

Complete Overview with Expert Insights in Dubai Real Estate. Dubai’s real estate market continues bull run despite inflation. Here is a complete overview of Dubai’s real estate market, factors promoting its growth, recent laws and more Dubai continued to buck the trend and rise against the headwinds of inflation, supply chain issues and geopolitical situations, clocking impressive real...

Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Properties


Dubai as we know it, is one of the safest city in the World. This time we have made our article brief with highlights of bullet points on why you should gladly invest in Dubai Real Estate comfortably. Why Invest in Dubai Real Estate ✅ Strategic Location? Being at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Dubai enables easy access to many of the world's emerging markets. ✅ Stable Currency...

Duplex for Sale in Lekki Lagos - KAAN Properties Limited - Nigeria Property Finder

What Is Your Property Worth?

What is your Property Worth? We get you the right buyer on time for your property. Enjoy speedy Return On Investment as we sell your property for you so you move on to the next project. KAAN Properties Ltd Fill Form Below Properties Duplexes LANDS Apartments The Best Market Price Every Investor's goal is to make a realistic return on his investment. Our duty - to sell your property at a timely period...


The Ultimate Cheat Real Estate Agent

Why would a Real Estate Agent want to trick his fellow Realtor just to cheat him off his Property Listings? Why? In my many Years of real estate as an agent who brokers deal between my real estate buyers and sellers, I have never come across the act of this present generation of some real estate agents who parade themselves as Clients with the sole aim of cheating on their fellow Brokers and Agents...

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